Nobody is stuck in a situation unless they decide so.

“I would like to loose weight, I am eating healthy and I am working out, but my pounds just won’t come off….It’s in my family, it must be the genes…… I am working so hard all day, I just don’t have more time….”

How many times did I hear that from people from all walks of life. People say they want to change, but they seem to be stuck in their places without an idea how to manage to reach their goal. And if they manage to change, those changes usually do not last long. This can be very discouraging.

People’s understanding of their behaviors and what it really takes to get to the desired effect is many times not there. Very few people are able to shift their perception and learn what it really takes. “Common Believe” of people is usually not helpful but gives a false sense of reality. After understanding and realizing those behaviors it is much easier to get results.

Once people realize those behaviors they often make that decision very quickly that they simply do not want to continue a certain way that they now understand is not supporting their desired lifestyle. They are “done with it” – something in their reality shifted.

But most people will give themselves endless excuses such as “we are trying really hard”, “we are doing the best we can”, “we are doing a good job”. We will look for sympathy and compassion but what we really do is cheat on ourselves. We cheat ourselves out of the life we could have until we come to the realization that we are not getting anywhere and are making excuses for ourselves.

Understanding of those behaviors may come instantly or within time. Many times our surroundings do not help and “common believe” of people does not help either.

On top of this it becomes a very sensitive subject for the person who wants to change. They are often convinced they are trying and look for sympathy. If they are told the truth they feel personally criticized and it can ruin a relationship. An it is true, no one can be told to change. It has to come from inside.

This first step to change has to be that realization of what is an excuse and what is reality. New rules have to be created to live by. People have to realize that they are in charge of themselves and their lives.

Take a minute and sit down and think. Really think about your desires. Are you stuck? Are you making excuses? Are you the one who needs to realize something?

Nobody is stuck in a situation unless they decide so.

Babette Brown 2014