The Coaching Process

Coaching takes the form of powerful conversations between you and your coach. Your life coach will question you in a way that is deep and thought provoking.

Talking to your coach this way will reveal how you view things, how you are inspired, and what issues might be blocking your progress. You’ll begin to see and think through things in a clearer and more balanced way. Powerful questioning will help you and your coach develop the right exercises and action plans to help you achieve your goals. 

1) The first step will be to clarify exactly what it is you want.

2) Now that you know where you want to be, your coach will help you objectively assess where you are right now. During this stage you’ll look not only at external circumstances, but also your own inner processes and habits that might serve to jeopardize your progress. It’s crucial you’re open, objective and fact-based in your assessment of reality.

3) Next, you and your coach will start to review all the resources, options and courses of action at your disposal that could help you to accomplish your goals. 

4) The next step is that your coach will help you design a plan that will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be in the future. You’ll determine the steps you need to pursue.

5) Your coach will make sure to keep you in touch with your values so that you have ongoing reasons to stay “in the flow” towards your goals.Your coach will also help to uncover and dispel anything blocking your way, such as fears or limiting beliefs.

6) As well as keeping you motivated, your coach will make sure you stay on track. It’s easier to commit to an action plan than to follow through.

7) Throughout your coaching journey, your coach will be sure to mark your victories along the way. People often concentrate on what they want to change, or what isn’t working in their personal or business lives. But it’s equally important to take note of what you’re doing right. This gives you confidence and keeps you motivated.

Your coach is your biggest supporter, and their work is geared towards your values and goals, rather than their own agenda.

Your coach will help you turn this new perspective into a plan for taking action. Coaching is very solution focused and taking action is at the heart of it. The plan you develop with your coach will always be more productive than one you could come up with yourself because it’s not based in your old habits. Doing the same thing in the same old way has not gotten results. With the help of your coach’s guided attention and productive perspectives, you can come up with realistic and creative courses of action.



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